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Job Opportunities: DeepSea Monitoring Group at GEOMAR, Germany

The DeepSea Monitoring group at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel is seeking to fill two positions in the COMPASS project, both with a start date of 1 July 2018.


Apply by 29 June 2018

Computer scientist AI / Engineer Automation and Control (100%)

For full details and to apply, visit:


Geoscientist with expertise in multibeam mapping and GIS applications (50%)

For full details and to apply, visit:


The COMPASS Project

Mn-nodules are seen as optional metal resource of Ni, Co, Co and other metals. Large quantities of Mn-nodules exist in the Pacific ocean in the so called CCZ where European countries hold exploration incenses, among them Germany and Belgium. In this respect the Belgium dredging company DEME is leading the COMPASS project to advance automated seafloor mapping, reserve evaluation and steering the mining vehicle in such a way that it is efficient but also as environmentally friendly as possible. Three software modules will be developed that depend on each other. One is the DTM-Module that automatically processes AUV-based multibeam data and derives bathymetric and backscatter derivatives. Together with ground truth data these input data layers are used by the Reserve-Assessment-Module to generate reliable and high resolution maps economically, geologically and environmentally relevant information. This information is used by the Ideal-Mining-Path-Module that feeds information towards the mining vehicle control to manoeuvre the vehicle in an optimised way over the seafloor in more than 4000m water depth.

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