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Meetings and Workshops

POGO Plenary Meetings are held annually.


Click here for details of the next annual POGO Meeting, which will take place in Qingdao, China, from 20-22 January 2020.


Click here to read about previous POGO meetings.



Upcoming POGO-relevant meetings and workshops are listed below.


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Jan 8-11 OCB Workshop: Ocean nucleic acids 'omics intercalibration and standardization North Carolina, USA    
  20-22 POGO-21 Annual Meeting Qingdao, China    
  20-24 9th EUROLAG conference on coastal lagoons and transitional environments Venice, Italy 15 Sept 30 Nov
Feb 16-21 Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020 San Diego, CA, USA    
  22-23 US CLIVAR Workshop - Surface Currents in the Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere System Workshop La Jolla, CA, USA    
March 10-12 Nansen Tutu Center 10th anniversary symposium: Ocean, weather and climate, science to the service of society Cape Town, South Africa    
  16-20 International Indian Ocean Science Conference-2020 Goa, India 15 Oct 2019  
April 28-30

SOOS Multidisciplinary Workshop on the Weddell Sea - Dronning Maud Land

Delmenhorst, Germany    
  29 7th EMB Forum 'Big Data in Marine Science' Brussels, Belguim    
May 3-8 EGU General Assembly 2020 Vienna, Austria    

International Symposium on Human Health and the Ocean in a Changing World

Monaco   30 Jan
  19-22 8th International Symposium on Gas Transfer at Water Surfaces Plymouth, UK 14 Feb 2020 15 Nov 2019
June 2-5 Nature Conference: A Changing Arctic Tromsø, Norway 30 Jan 2020  
  22-25 OCB Summer Workshop 2020 Woods Hole, MA, USA    
July 13-16 AMEMR (Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research) 2020 Plymouth, UK 13 Dec 2019  
Aug Jul 31 -
Aug 11
SCAR Open Science Conference Hobart, Australia    
Sept 7-10 5th International Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World Lima, Peru    
  13-18 16th IGAC Science Conference Manchester, UK    
Oct 25-30 Ocean Optics XXV Norfolk, VA, USA 1 May 2020  
Dec 7-11 2020 AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco, USA    


Jan 11-14 The Fifth Xiamen Symposium on Marine Environmental Sciences (XMAS-V) Xiamen, China 1 June - 31 Aug 2020  


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