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POGO-PAP-GreenSeas fellowship

Based on the success of the POGO-AMT fellowship programme, POGO set up a new fellowship in partnership with the Porcupine Abyssal Plain (PAP) cruise programme and the EU project GreenSeas.



This one-off fellowship programme was open to scientists, technicians, graduate students (PhD/MSc) and post-doctoral fellows involved in oceanographic work at centres in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.


The selected candidate had the opportunity to visit one of four participating institutes in the UK, Germany or Denmark, for one month prior to the start of the cruise to participate in cruise preparation and planning; to go on the cruise (29 May to 18 June 2013) and help make hydrological, biogeochemical and/or and ecological observations; and after the cruise to spend one additional month at the host institution, learning to analyse the results statistically and interpret them.





The fellowship provided a round-trip ticket to the host country and a stipend for living expenses for up to two months stay in the host country; travel and accommodation associated with joining and returning from the ship; ship messing fee; seafaring medical and sea survival course.


The PAP Programme
The PAP sustained observatory has been the focus of repeated study of the entire water column and seabed since 1989. It is at an open ocean location with water depth of 4800m and is thought to be influenced little by the adjacent continental shelves and the mid Atlantic ridge. It is subject to less vigorous hydrographic influence than many open ocean sites and as such processes occurring in the euphotic zone exert a direct influence on the underlying water and seabed. The observatory comprises a variety of sensors which make meteorological, biogeochemical and physical measurements on the properties of the lower atmosphere, the water column and the seabed, some of the data being transmitted every few hours to shore via satellite. This provides data on the time varying properties of the location but in addition to this they provide the temporal context for ship based research cruises which visit the site once or twice per year. See http://www.noc.soton.ac.uk/pap/ for more information on the programme.


Information on past POGO-PAP-GreenSeas fellows can be accessed here.



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