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UCT Postgraduate Bursary Recipients


Three students have been awarded POGO-UCT Postgraduate Bursaries since the programme started in 2009.


Year Photo Name Country of origin Research interests
2009-2010   Nicholas Moyo Botswana Nicholas completed his BSc and BSc (Honours Environmental Science) at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and began working as an Agrometeorology Instrumentation Technician at the university.  He then joined the University of Cape Town to commence his Masters degree.  He conducted a research project on investigations into the link between fynbos (indigenous scrubland) bio-mass burning and release of clim-atically active bromoform (CHBR3) gas. He has now returned to Botswana where is working as an instrumentation technician. 
2010-2011 Solange Bih Cameroon

Solange conducted her under-graduate studies at the University of the Western Cape.  She joined the masters programme in 2010 and has successfully completed the course work.  Solange is currently conducting a research project on Parasite Assemblages of the St Joseph Shark (Callorhynchus capensis) and having fun dissecting sharks!

2011-2013 Chevane Clousa Mozambique Chevane completed her under-graduate degree in Mozambique at the Eduardo Mondlane University.  She has been employed by the National Institute for Hydrography and Navigation (INAHINA) and has been given leave of absence to complete her Masters degree. Her main interests are in coastal oceanography.
2013-2014  Lekraj Etwarysing Lekraj Mauritius Etwarysing completed his BSc (Hons) in Marine Science and Technology from the University of Mauritius in 2012. Following this he had been working on projects in Mauritius such as "Aseessing the vulnerability of coastal communities due to coimate change" and as a volunteer on projects for restoratino of reef conservation. 

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