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POGO Task Forces, Projects, Working Groups & Training Initiatives


Support is provided to projects proposed by POGO members, which aim to identify and fill gaps in global ocean observation. This call is open to the POGO member institutes, to advance ocean observations while at the same time strengthen the ties of the POGO network. 


Members can apply for funding for Working Groups and/or Training Initiatives which are dedicated to specific priority areas directly relevant to POGO’s core mission, i.e. sustained, long-term ocean observing systems and shared use of infrastructure, data and information. 

Working Groups should also use other sources of funding where possible and should have a short, pre-determined life-span (e.g. 3 years). 


Working Groups provide a platform for the members to discuss and produce recommendations for addressing key issues. They may also focus on solutions for improving ocean observations, such as new technologies, novel partnerships and funding sources, and improving data access and visualisation. Proposals for joint Working Groups between POGO and its partner organisations are also welcome.


A call for proposals will be issued to the members and scientific community once per year, following approval of budget during the POGO annual meeting.  Click here to find out how to apply.


POGO Task Forces are established to address priorities identified by POGO members during the POGO annual meeting.


POGO Projects

Year Title
2018-19 OpenMODs - Open Access Marine Observation Devices (underway)


POGO Task Forces

Year Title
2017-19 POGO Biological Observations Taskforce (underway)
2017 POGO Industrial Liaison Council (PILC) (complete)


POGO Working Groups

Year Title
2019 OceanoScientific Expeditions (OSE) 2020 (underway)
2019 DNA sampling tools for the global CPR survey (underway)

Earth Observation for Ecology and Epidemiology of Water-associated Diseases (complete)

2018 Planning the implementation of a global long-term observing and data sharing strategy for macroalgal communities (complete)
2016 POGO Industrial Liaison Council (PILC) (complete)
2016 Observing and Understanding the Ocean below Antarctic Sea Ice and Ice Shelves (OASIIS) (complete)
2015 International Quiet Ocean Experiment (IQOE)-POGO Working Group (complete)

Observing and Modelling the Meridional Overturning Circulation in the South Atlantic (SAMOC) (complete)


POGO Training Initiatives

Year Title
2019 Introduction to observational physical oceanography (2)

EUMETSAT Workshop (Accessing and working with state of the art satellite data for marine applications)

2018 Introduction to observational physical oceanography (1)
2017 International Training Workshop on Nutrient Analysis

Ocean-colour data in climate studies


Emerging trends in Ocean Observation training course

2016 Atlantic Meridional Transect Ocean Training Programme
2015 Technical Training in Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey Operations
2015 International Training Course on ‘Emerging trends in Ocean Observations with special emphasis on Moored Buoys and Time series Data Analysis and Applications’
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