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POGO holds a meeting of its members annually, where the important issues and trends in marine science are discussed. Frequently, the discussion leads to a communiqué or call for action. For example, at the meeting in São Paulo, a declaration was made on the urgency to enhance ocean observations in the Southern Hemisphere, which were seen to be sparse compared with those in the Northern Hemisphere. This declaration led a major oceanographic expedition, conducted by Japan, a circumnavigation of the globe in the Southern Hemisphere.


POGO also produces written material in the form of press briefings, for example those in connection with the Ministerial Summit in Cape Town (2007), which gained extremely wide press coverage in respected media outlets around the world on the need for enhanced ocean observations.


POGO also produces pamphlets and brochures aimed at policy makers and non-specialists to raise awareness about the ocean and the need to observe on a regular basis.


Over the years, POGO has produced a number of one-page articles on ocean observations and their societal benefits. These highlight the ocean observations carried out by the POGO members, and are divided into the 9 societal benefit areas of GEO (climate, weather, ecosystems, biodiversity, water, health, disasters, agriculture, energy).


Additionally, POGO-led Working Groups and Professional Training Initiatives have summarised their findings and recommendations in some Factsheets.


A number of videos on ocean observations, produced by POGO, POGO members or affiliated organisations, can also be accessed here.

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