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MAPCO Action: A Strategy For The Conservation And Sustainable Use Of Biodiversity And Ecosystem Services Of Mangroves And Seagrasses In The Colombian Caribbean

Submitted by INVEMAR


Authors: Paula Cristina Sierra-Correa, Angela Cecilia Lopez-Rodriguez, Francisco A. Arias-Isaza


Caribbean Marine Atlas: Supporting decision-making in the Caribbean Region

Submitted by INVEMAR

Authors: Carolina Garcia Valencia, Paula Cristina Sierra-Correa & Francisco Arias-Isaza



PRESS RELEASE: NF-POGO scholars graduate from two AWI-led training programmes

Young people carry what they have learned into the world


Cabo Verde Declaration on Ocean Observations

A Statement by the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean (POGO), issued at its 20th Annual Meeting held in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, in January 2019.

Call to Action

Marine Observation System Along Indian Coast (MOSAIC): a new initiative

The increasing population density and rapid economic growth of the countries surrounding the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal make these semi-enclosed seas particularly vulnerable to warming and other anthropogenic influences. A large population in the Indian sub-continent resides in coastal areas and depends on coastal ocean for their food and economy. The human impacts on the coastal ocean in terms of pollution and waste disposals have greatly modified the fluxes of material to the coastal waters.


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