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Indian Ocean Pirates Impede Climate Observation

CSIRO recently issued a press release on Australian scientists seeking the help of the United States and Australian navies to plug a critical gap in their Argo ocean and climate monitoring program caused by Somali pirates operating in the western Indian Ocean. The media release can be accessed here.

Oceans of data from world-first buoy deployment

The original article by CSIRO can also be viewed here.


The first weather buoy deployed in the remote Southern Ocean has been successfully retrieved after surviving 13 months of hostile conditions. Marine and climate scientists are still analysing the wealth of data relayed back to shore by the South Ocean Flux Station about this climatically important region of the world. The data includes hourly observations of wind, temperature, humidity, air pressure, sunlight and rain.

Successful Tender for New Australian Research Vessel

The Australian Government has announced the successful tender to design and build the marine nation’s next ocean-going research vessel, the RV Investigator.

2011 Marine Geoscience symposium

As global headlines focus on climate change, ocean acidification and tsunamis, marine geoscientists stand well positioned to serve the needs of society while pushing the frontiers of scientific research. To solve these challenges and forge the necessary links between science and society, marine geoscientists must reach beyond their individual laboratories, form interdisciplinary collaborations, and communicate their discoveries to the public and to policymakers. The Marine Geoscience Leadership Symposium introduces these skills to early career marine geoscientists.

New Global Carbon Budget Released

The Global Carbon Project has released the new global carbon budget updated to year 2009, inclusive. Highlights of the analyses, a complete ppt, datasets available for download, and additional information on current trends in global anthropogenic carbon sources and sinks can be found here.


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