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Ocean Observation News

Request for ideas for marine microbiology and microbial ecology research

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation's Marine Microbiology Initiative (MMI) has issued a Request for Ideas (RFI) for marine microbiology and marine microbial ecology research. We’re looking to identify the most promising opportunities where a strategic, focused effort over the next five years will help to break open ‘black boxes’ in the field and take understanding of marine microbial communities to a new level.

CAMEO Announcement of Opportunity

NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service and National Science Foundation Division of Ocean Sciences are pleased to announce a call for proposals for the Comparative Analysis of Marine Ecosystem Organization (CAMEO) Program which is implemented as a partnership between the two agencies. The purpose of the CAMEO program is to strengthen the scientific basis for an ecosystem approach to the stewardship of our ocean and coastal living marine resources and ecosystems. The goal is to provide an understanding of and predictive capability for marine ecosystem organization and production, particularly as the dual drivers of climate variability and fishing pressure affect them. 

UK Ocean Acidification call for studentship proposals

Studentship proposals are invited as part of the UK Ocean Acidification Research Programme. The aim of this call is to fund up to three studentships that will address science deliverable 5 of the programme:

"Provision of evidence from the palaeo record of past changes in ocean acidity and resultant changes in marine species' composition and Earth system function."


For full details please visit the programme website.


Networking Scheme with India (India-UK Scientific Seminars)

A new Networking Scheme with India (India-UK Scientific Seminars) is now being advertised on the Society’s website.  The scheme is co-funded with the Department for Science and Technology (DST) in India. The closing date for completed applications will be Monday 25 October 2010 (results will be released in January 2011).


The aim of this new scheme is to fund the organisation of a small 3 day scientific meeting to bring together groups of mid-career scientists from India and the UK for the purpose of scientific discussion, to promote collaboration and knowledge transfer by encouraging interaction within the wide research community.  These scientific meetings would take place in either the UK or India.

3rd Symposium on the Ocean in a High CO2 World

A consortium of institutions and organizations from Monterey, California has successfully bid to host the third symposium on The Ocean in a High-CO2 World in autumn 2012. The symposium aims to attract more than 300 of the world’s leading scientists to discuss the impacts of ocean acidification on marine organisms, ecosystems, and biogeochemical cycles. It will also cover socio-economic consequences of ocean acidification, including policy and management implications.


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