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POGO Industrial Liaison Council (PILC)


PILC aims to form a bridge between academic and government POGO member institutions and a range of industry sectors, through which contacts can be made, ideas discussed and joint projects established (e.g. for technological developments, environmental monitoring, risk/safety management, adherence to policy, data sharing, etc). 
Born out of the Bussiness Advisory Group, one of the parallel sessions at POGO-17 in Japan, this Working Group is currently preparing a workplan for effective targeting of industrial partners. 

How PILC contributes to POGO priority areas

One of POGOs mission statements is to work with industry to articulate societal benefits and required funding for the Ocean Observation System. To strengthen connections between the academic and industry world, PILC was formed. This group comprises members from industry (Ralph RaynerSonardyne), as well as POGO members.

Project Participants

Working Group leader:


Stephen de Mora, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK




Ralph Rayner, Sonardyne, UK


Andy Steven, CSIRO, Australia


Eduardo Balguerias, IEO/Tenerife, Spain


Yoshihisa Shirayama, JAMSTEC, Japan


Jan W. de Leeuw, NIOZ, The Netherlands



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